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Viso Producciones is a Colombian audiovisual production company that is interested in innovative stories with social, ecological and artistic vision. The founder partners Sonia Barrera Gutiérrez and Viviana Gómez Echeverry have been working together for a decade and have extensive experience in the audiovisual sector.


Sonia Barrera Gutiérrez is a film and TV producer and director. She has been the general producer of the feature films The Red Tree, Through the Screen, Beings, and on television in the series Callejeando and Mi Edu en Serie. As a field producer, she has worked in the feature films Los Viajes del Viento, Keyla, Kairós and in documentaries for television. She won the India Catalina prize for the production of the series Así somos 2018. As director, she has worked in Giroscopio, Dos mundos, Sueño Fútbol, Te Recreo.

Viviana Gómez Echeverry is director, producer and director of photography. She studied Social Communication at the Universidad Javeriana, where she currently teaches. She wrote and directed Keyla, her first feature and the short films Exotic Tropical and 16th Birthday; she co-directed the documentary Life Is Sacred by the Danish production company Final Cut for Real. She has worked as cinematographer in narrative films and documentaries and is the general producer of the feature film The Red Tree.

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