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Diego, the singer (Work-in-progress)

DIRECTOR       Giselle Geney

SCRIPT             Giselle Geney & Johnnier Aristizábal

GENRE             Fiction

DURATION     90 min

YEAR                2025 


Diego is a peasant boy who grows potatoes and wants to learn to sing in order to serenade his grandmother on her birthday, but his speech problems and the insecurities of his widowed father prevent him from doing so. Supported by his best friend Sandro, and following the lessons of Chava, a wandering singer, Diego strives to sing. But the anxiety to overcome his speech difficulty complicates things to the point of leading him into a confrontation with his father, getting in trouble at school and making him abandon the serenade. Will Diego be able to trust himself
enough to serenade his grandmother and win his father's admiration?



Viso Producciones

CineKid Script Lab. 2021 - 2022. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Festival Ojo de Pescado. Workshop for the creation of film and audiovisual plot lines for children. Santiago de Chile. 2021

Honorable mention. Grant for children film plot lines. Colombia's Ministry of Culture . 2019.

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